What is Cowboy Church?

Cowboy Church is a place...
Pastor Paul Arends enjoying God
  • to worship God and His Son, Jesus Christ (this is a Christian outfit)
  • to understand and apply the timeless truths of the Bible
  • to meet new friends over a cup of coffee or a coke
  • to come as you are and be loved and accepted (even if you smell like you were mucking the stables)
  • where the music has a country edge and touches your spirit
  • where life with God is as real and good as it gets!

Why Cowboy Church?

Just as the cowboy had a profound respect and reverence for “the one who made the stars,” people today are looking for purpose in life beyond their paycheck and pursuits of pleasure. The cowboy’s moral values and character were rooted in the Judeo-Christian roots of our American history. Cowboy Churches are springing up all across the country, drawing individuals and families back to a life-changing relationship with their loving Creator who has revealed in His Word, the Bible, how we can live successfully, purposefully and eternally. Cowboy Church is a place where many people who have felt disconnected from “the church” for various reasons can come and feel at home.

The days we live in are increasingly impersonal, high-tech, immoral and dysfunctional. People are looking for those old tried-and-true values that built a nation that we call “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” The uniquely historical image of the American cowboy embodies in modern minds what we are missing in today’s society: honesty, hard work, sacrifice, being true to your word, faithfulness, being tough in rough circumstances, being protective of the weak, resourcefulness, contentment, reverence, respectfulness, love for land and animal, independence and interdependence, and deep spirituality. While the cowboy has in some ways become a larger-than-life legend, there are many who identify in their hearts with this icon of the West and feel deeply connected to the Western lifestyle.