We Believe

We are a Christian outfit. That means that we believe what the Bible says, cover to cover, nothing more, nothing less. We believe in and worship the God who created the universe as well as you and me. We believe that God is not an unknowable cosmic force but a personal and loving being who seeks relationship with us for eternity.

We believe, as the Bible states, that God the Father sent His Son Jesus to earth to live a perfect, sinless life so that He might die in our place, to pay the penalty for our sins. Because Jesus was crucified on a cross for us to shed His blood on our behalf, and because God the Father raised Him from the dead, never to die again, Jesus now offers a way back to God whereby our sins against God and others might be forgiven and we are saved from an eternal hell, on our way to heaven.

We believe that anyone who puts their trust in the work of Jesus on their behalf, seeking forgiveness and salvation, will be given eternal life just as God promised. We believe that this is the only hope for really starting a new life that works, with the power to live it out. We believe that all the wisdom and answers for living life successfully comes from following God’s Word, the Bible, and by being empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, who indwells all those who trust in Jesus.